The Stone’s Blade series began as a stand alone story based on a short story Allynn wrote in eighth grade. In a college that short story was resurrected and filled out to novel length. A classmate, Morgan, was so enthralled by the story he firmly stated that “when” Allynn published it he wanted a copy. Their friendship has carried over the decades since and because Allynn’s brother married Morgan’s sister, the two are sort of related. At each family gathering Morgan would ask about her progress. For Morgan, it was always about “when” not “if” it would be published. As publication became a reality, Allynn knew the first book should be dedicated to Morgan and in May 2014 Allynn presented him with his copy of The Blood. He was not surprised to find out that the story had taken on a life of its own and expanded into multiple books.

Somewhere between 2003 and 2004, Allynn felt the still stand alone manuscript was finally ready to be sent off to agents. Luckily, before she mailed it out her middle daughter, Kristina, asked to read it. Allynn was quickly informed that the ending was rushed and that there was a secret. The essence of the secret ignited Allynn’s imagination and upon confirmation from characters who talked to her in dreams, the book became a series.

Three titles were sketched out (#1 - The Blood, #2 - The Balance, #3 - The Blades) until late in 2012 when Allynn’s editor told her to remove the word trilogy from the the series’ title “just in case more books should be written.” At the same time Melanie Mulhall asked if Allynn knew enough back-stories of characters that she could write stories based on those other characters. Allynn was reluctantly forces to admit that there was indeed enough fodder for more than three books. Within a short time after that a fourth title was added with the tentative title of “The Secret Stone Singer.” However, while nearing the end of the editing process on the second title, Allynn began to get nervous about the proposed length of the third. She promptly decided that all the plots and subplots could not possibly be closed out in a third book unless it ran to 800+ pages (and she was not going to do that!). So, curtesy of Allynn’s favorite beta reader, a new fourth title, The Seventh Stone, was brought into the series. That middle daughter of Allynn’s once again came to the rescue and suggested removing the word “Stone” from the now fifth title because readers of the series would know what a Singer was and the title protocols of three titles having two words with the second word starting with B would be adjusted now include at least two more titles of three words with the second and third words both starting with S. So now the fifth book carries the title The Secret Singer. And it all fits together.

Will there be a sixth book? Allow Allynn to write the third, fourth and fifth books before pushing that decision. However, the characters have mentioned in dreams the possible title of “The Stones’ Song” for number six. (Allynn heaves a deep sigh here. These characters are so persistent!)

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The Stone’s Blade series

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