Character/Term List and Pronunciation Guide


Abren (ah-bren): Lrakiran word for open

Ani (ah-nee): Northern’s 1st female blade ring champion, Renloret’s rescuer, The Blood

Anyala Stone (ahn-yall-ah): largest of the Stones of Lrakira, green

Awarna (ah-war-nah): capital city of Lrakira

Bell: Lrakiran time equal to an hour

Brenlee (brin-lee): infant, Keci and Nonnash’s sixth daughter

Chime: Lrakiran time equal to a minute

Cranite (cray-night): Lrakiran moon

Cushawk (cuss-hawk): a Teramaran medium-sized farm bird raised for eggs and meat

Cyralist (sigh-rah-list): bulbous hourglass shaped stringed instrument on Teramar

Daneeha (da-nee-ha): sheriff’s secretary

Denert (deh-nert): smallest Lrakiran moon

Diani (dee-ah-nee): Pericha Stone’s Singer

Digoson Mountains (dee-go-son): mountain range north of Awarna, home of Anyala Stone

Doven (dough-vin): village multiple hours north of Saedi City, Northern, Teramar

Ear/sunguards : protective insertables or coverings to prevent hearing loss or damage to eyes

Erid (air-id): largest Lrakiran moon

Eteel (eh-teel): bass player and master composer of Star Valley Bashers, dance band on Teramar

Fairaden (fair-ah-den): medical assistant on original research team, marries Treyder

Flitter (flit-er): term used for multiple species of songbirds on Lrakira

Garrend (gair-end): fictitious name Ani gives to Renloret

Gednium (ged-nee-um): small purple fruit native to Northern, Teramar

Gelwood Avere (gell-wood ahv-air-eh): Taryn’s father, grocery store owner

Highcraft (hi-craft): Northern term for master craftsman, the very best. Usually associated with sword blade

             creation or manufacture.

Hopper: small rodent native to Northern, Teramar

Isul Treyder (eye-sul tray-der): genius mechanical engineer, a bit crazy

Jinma (gin-mah): a type of stylized stretching exercise

Keci (keh-see): farmer in Star Valley, Northern, Teramar

Kela (kay-la): telepathic canine, Ani’s companion

Kita Stone (kit-ah): blue Stone of Lrakira

Kiver (keye-ver): language specialist on rescue mission with Renloret, dies in crash

Kreline (creh-lean): large predator on Teramar’s Northern continent

Kriswen (chris-win): gas giant, fifth planet in Teramaran solar system

Kursal Ceri (curse-all sir-eye): blade ring opponent known to Ani and Taryn

Layson (lay-son): Kita Stone’s Singer

Leeshob (lee-shob): Mroz’s herding canine

Lrakira (ulrrah-keer-ah) (L is barely pronounced and r is rolled): second of six planets in

 Lrakiran solar system

Luris seed (lur-iss): a citrusy seed used as a spice on Northern, Teramar

Melli Avere (mell-ee ahv-air-eh): Taryn’s mother, maker of fine teas

Milit/milits (mill-it/mill-its): Northern term for military personnel or soldiers

Moon-cycle: Lrakiran month

Moon-time: Lrakiran night

Mroz (mer-rose): bar owner, part-time coroner, Star Valley, Northern, Teramar

Nelham (nell-ham): senator, head of space protection committee, Northern Teramar government

Nonnash (no-nash): Keci’s wife, mother of six daughters, Star Valley, Northern, Teramar

Ovline (ahv-line): a four-legged domesticated ungulate similar to cattle

Pericha Stone (pair-ee-cha): amber Stone of Lrakira

Ramer (ray-mur): Renloret’s grandmother

Renloret (wren-lore-ay) (t is not pronounced, think French): Lrakiran pilot of rescue mission

Reslo Chenak/R’Schlonick Chenakainet (rehs-low chen-ack / ruh-schlawn-ick chen-ah-kah-nay): Ani’s uncle, Yenne Chenakainet’s brother

Ryken (rye-kin): seven-year-old girl, Keci & Nonnash’s third daughter

Saedi City (saw-ee-dee): capital of Northern continent on Teramar

Sancharos Peaks (san-chair-ose): mountain range on Lrakira, home of Kita Stone

Sarinne (sah-reen): Lrakiran communications officer for original research team to Teramar

Selabec (sell-ah-beck): Anyala Stone’s Singer, mother of S’Hendale/Shendahl, Ani’s


Sharnel (shar-nell): lead of Lrakiran rescue mission, 2nd pilot to Renloret, dies in crash

S’Hendale/Shendahl (say-hen-dale/shen-doll): Ani’s mother, head medical researcher

Sheren leaf (sheer-en): a peppery leafed vegetable similar to arugula

Sheriff Driton (dry-ton): sheriff in neighboring valley on Teramar

Sholoret (show-low-ray): Lrakiran surgeon, finds and removes coma device

Silteene (sill-teen): a rare and expensive fabric woven on Lrakira

Slerdon/Slerdonians (slur-don/slur-dough-neons): planet of telepathic beings, have no voice box

S’Roadoss (sah-row-ah-dose): ceremony of Stone and blade bonding for Lrakiran Stone Singers

Star Valley: Ani’s home village on Northern, Teramar

Stone Singer: liaison between Stones and their charges, the people of Lrakira

Stubin Dalkey (stew-bin doll-key): general in Northern continent’s military, alienphobic

Sun-cycle: Lrakiran time designation equal to a year

Sun-time: Lrakiran time designation equal to a day

Tacara (ta-car-ah): starchy root native to Teramar

Taryn Avere (tair-in ahv-air-eh): sheriff of Star Valley, Ani’s best friend

Tel-com (tell-com): communication devices, either audio and/or visual, Northern, Teramar

Teramar (tair-ah-mar): first of five planets in Teramaran solar system

Tezak Ganevek (tay-zack gan-eh-vehk): Star Valley doctor, coworker of Ani’s mother

Tianet Mountains (tee-ah-nay): remote mountain range on Southern continent, Teramar

Trimag (tree-mag): Lrakiran high commander of planetary safety

Tri-pronged sueders (sway-ders): four-legged ungulate similar to deer or elk

Udi root (oo-dee): a spice common to Northern, Teramar

Vaquin (vah-quinn): strong Teramaran liquor, blue in color

Viken (vike-in): Teramaran ringed moon

Vishon (vee-shawn): a fishlike creature native to Lrakira

Tivi (tiv-ee): Renloret’s great grandmother, former Singer of the Kita Stone

Whirjerata (whir-jer-ah-tah): fruit on Southern Teramar, bears fruit every three years

Whis’jeras (whiss-jer-ass): fruit on Lrakira, bears fruit every three years

Whistlepot (whis-ill-pot): a small stove top kettle with a spout that sounds a tone when water is

              hot enough to produce steam.

Yantel (yan-tell): Star Valley sheriff deputy

Yenne Chenakainet (yen-nay chen-ah-kah-nay): Commander of Lrakiran research team, Ani’s


Yorsa (your-sah): Renloret’s mother.

Zocanel Province (zo-can-ell): one of the provinces on the northern continent of Teramar